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Poker HUD Stat – Aggression - Holdem Poker Tips Basically, all a high AF tells you is that the player doesn’t like to call. I myself don’t rely much on this indicator, but it’s a part of the so called Holy Trinity of Poker HUD stats (VPIP, PFR, AF) so you have to know what it does. VPIP | Pokertermen | PokerNews PokerNews is de grootste online poker website van de wereld. Naast nieuwsartikelen over poker, kunnen bezoekers genieten van live-reporting van de belangrijkste pokertoernooien, exclusieve video's en een uitgebreide sectie van online pokerrooms, met gedetailleerde online poker reviews en de beste poker … Essential Poker Statistics You Need to Know Essential Poker Statistics You Need to Know Tight Tim has VPIP of 5%, PFR of 5%, and Agg of 100%. With such a low VPIP, we can guess that this player folds anything except the very best hands. And with a PFR equal to VPIP, when he gets premium hands, he raises. So if this player raises, and you are next to act, you know that you should fold ...

Poker HUD Stats: The Basics For Live Players

Définition de VPIP dans le lexique poker. Abréviation de Volontary Put $ In the Pot. Pourcentage de mains auxquelles prend part un joueur qui doit miser pour y participer (on ne compte donc pas les mains où le joueur est de grosse blind et que le pot n'est pas relancé preflop).. C'est une caractéristique essentielle qui est affichée par tous les HUD et qui permet de situer grossièrement ... Poker HUD Stats Glossary & Meanings | SplitSuit Poker

Essential Poker Statistics You Need to Know

Basic online poker stats – total hands, VPIP and PFR. June 7, 2014. Follow @justin_butlion. I believe that poker players can be divided into two main categories. The first category is the amateur poker player which makes up the vast majority of players in the world, probably somewhere around 80-90%. The amateur player plays once a week with ...

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Osservazioni.. Tutte le statistiche necessitano di un numero sufficiente di mani affinchè se ne possa tener conto in maniera affidabile,. Come linea guida generale, diciamo che il VPIP e il PFR sono attendibili dopo almeno 50 mani, l'AF dopo 100,Bet flop e fold to bet flop dopo 200, ATS e Fold BB to Steal dopo 300, cbet e fold t cbet dopo 500.. Poker HUD Stat – Pre-flop Raise - Holdem Poker Tips PFR – the percentage of times a player raises pre-flop.This value converges at the same rate as VPIP and becomes useful after about 100 hands. Tight-aggressive online poker players on 9-max and 6-max tables usually have a PFR percentage between 1/2 and 2/3 of their VPIP, with the tendency of increasing as the tables get shorter. que significan estas abreviaturas: vpip, pfr, af, h, etc