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After enjoying Zebra Slot Canyon, we walked down Harris Wash to find Tunnel Slot Canyon. This was another fantastic, short slot with lots of water to add to the fun. This canyon was deeper with the water being about chest high in one spot. After the main tunnel section, the canyon opens up a bit but remains beautiful and worth exploring.

Zebra and Tunnel Slot Canyons | Earth Tours By inviting those who don’t read maps or know how to navigate in the wilderness, more folks get lost here than probably any other place in the Escalante Canyons. I digress… Zebra and Tunnel are still among the most beautiful slot canyons in southern Utah, so are still worth visiting. Wikiloc - Utah - Escalante - Zebra and Tunnel Slots trail May 03, 2011 · As the wash forks, left leads to the Zebra slot. Just follow the wash and footprints, until you end up at the Zebra slot. This slot has water most of the time, up to hip deep. Turn back towards the fork and hike east. The tunnel slot isn't in this wash, so watch for the exit to your left. The small canyon leads to the tunnel entrance. Zebra and Tunnel Slot Canyon | Hiking and Photography in

The Zebra Slot Canyon is one of my favorite hikes in the Grand Staircase-Escalante area. The red, smooth, striped walls make for unique photo opportunities.Although the trail is clear and easy to follow, the majority of time you are hiking completely exposed. In April the sun was already scorching...

Utah - Escalante - Zebra and Tunnel Slots trail - Escalante, Utah (United States) A hike up to 2 slot canyons. Take the Hole-In-The-Rock road at highway 12 Tunnel Slot Hike | Escalante, UT - YouTube Initial plans to see Zebra Slot AND Tunnel Slot were bashed when we failed to follow the trail, and forgot to take along a map. Finding the hike isn't hard, but the trail meanders far from the Shauna's Adventures – Virtual Like Explorations of Places You ...

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Arches & and Slot Canyons in the Grand Staircase - WatsonsWander 18 Oct 2017 ... It turns out that we had been reading different trail descriptions and that's why we didn't .... slot canyons, but we missed out on the other two popular ones in the area — Zebra & Tunnel. ... Zebra Slot Canyon - Escalante, Utah. Zebra and Tunnel slots can be accessed from Halfway Hollow, which ... 13 Jun 2013 ... TUNNEL AND ZEBRA SLOT CANYONS FROM HALFWAY ... Panorama in Harris Wash; to the left is the Halfway Hollow trail and to the right is ... Randonnée vers Zebra et Tunnel Slot Canyons — Smartrippers 9 juin 2018 ... Accès et itinéraires vers Zebra et Tunnel slot canyons. L'accès au départ du trail. Le départ du sentier s'effectue depuis la Hole In The Rock ... Hiking: Zebra & Tunnel Slots, Grands Staircase Escalante NM