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Frequently, this kind of nut slot actually works OK because the string tends to be pulled to the side, and doesn't rattle around in the slot and has some bearing on the bottom of the slot. Many times, though, this wide slot allows too much sideways motion of the string, and will give a symptom of buzzing, rattling, or unclear open string notes.

Just Nuts: The Secret To Sustain | Seymour Duncan 22 Jun 2012 ... If the nut is not smooth enough or the slots are the wrong size for the ... A good tech should be able to sort both of these problems out at the same time. ... you'll see that the depth of the slot is less than one half of the gauge of ... The REAL 'One And Only' Sensible Setup Sequence – finally ... 20 May 2016 ... Since string height is influenced by neck bow, saddle height and – to a lesser extent – nut slot depth, THESE should be set first. Doing it ... A Fast, Easy Way to Fix Your Nut Slot | Guitarworld

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Review of Welding Tip Cleaner as Nut Slot Files .... I should have taken a picture before I tried cutting any bone with them, as the edges of the ... The slot you see cut in this picture took forever to make that deep, and it certainly ... The Setup of the Ukulele | ukulele-arts The setup of the ukulele should optimize playability and intonation. ... since too deep nut slots lead to annoying buzzing (which everybody will notice and identify ... Fretted repairs and luthier work for Metro Atlanta - Town Center Music

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How to lower the Action on your Acoustic Guitar Nut - Guitar Repair ... Guitar Repair Tools for lowering the action on an Acoustic Guitar Nut ... lowering the action at the nut of your acoustic guitar, we should talk about the tools ... This is the most accurate way to see if the string slots are deep enough in the guitar nut. ... This file is designed to fit in the nut slot and evenly file down the seat, so the ... How to Lower the Action on Your Electric Guitar Nut - Guitar Repair ... It's not uncommon for the nut to come loose or just be seated in the slot wrong. ... That is why I said earlier that you would need three different sized nut files. ... want to find a thick piece of plastic or masonite to place on the headstock between ...

Here's a shimmed-up mess of a nut that has all the problems: These slots are all too deep, but the B is still so high it doesn't play in tune, so someone shoved a piece of ebony under it to try and correct the intonation. Big "Ugh" for this one.

If your guitar's nut slot is cut too deep or shallow, this quick fix can save you both time and money.Phillip McKnight—whose gear-centric videos we've featured on this here website many a time—recently released a new one that offers a quick and easy fix if your nut slot is cut too deep or shallow. Best DIY tools for nut slot adjustments? | Forum Those slots are already pretty deep. So I'm not just going to be making nut slots deeper, but wider as well.As long as I go slow, take careful measurements and lots of test-fits, it should fit the bill. Thanks!This is exactly how I filed the nut slot using the feeler gauges as nut files (thanks to Rob... How deep should I carve the groove for a nut on my guitar…